Fast, interactive and cheap way to send your parcels worldwide.

Available Couriers: London <-> Paris

About us

Parcolo is a community based peer-to-peer delivery platform which connects people who want to send their goods with people who are travelling the same way and can deliver the goods to the same direction (senders desired place)?. Basically everything can be sent to anywhere using all means of transport. Using Parcolo helps you not only save time and money spent on deliveries but also is a green way of transporting goods. Use Parcolo platform and get a green badge for saving the earth.

How it works for a sender

Simply post prefered destination where your package needs to be delivered, then write details about the package, that the traveler would know about it. Choose the size and the weight, and when the package needs to be delivered. Or choose from posted trips on the page and chat with the traveler if he could pick your package. Agree on terms and conditions and wait. After your package will be delivered you will get a notification through the web/app/sms that it has reached the receiver.

How it works for a courier

Simply post your traveling time and where are you traveling and from where. Choose the type of package you can take with you. Wait for the sender to communicate with you. Agree on the pickup place and deliver the package. When delivering the package approve the delivery code, and ask for the receiver to do the same. It is important for both the deliverer and the receiver to agree that the sender gets his notification.